Irvine Park walking tour

Irvine Park 251 Walnut St., St. Paul, MN

The tour of Irvine Park, one of St. Paul’s earliest residential neighborhoods will be led by Richard Kronick, co-author, with artist Jeanne Kosfeld, of Neighborhood Architecture — Irvine Park, St. Paul: a coloring book. An optional lunch follows at Waldmann Brew Pub, St. Paul’s oldest extant commercial building. Registration will be limited to 25 people. […]

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Cottage City Transitions – walking tour with Peter Sussman

Since 1883 Cottage City has experienced ongoing transition. From the beginning, modest lake cottages built on small lots south of Lake Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska have been replaced by increasingly large homes. Our tour will recall the initial community and consider the twin impacts of evolving design styles and recent larger scale building.