Who Lived Here? Longtime Linden Hills Residents and their Homes

Through memories, research, and photographs, descendants of four families who put down roots in different parts of Linden Hills will compare and contrast their personal experiences and those of their forebears, building homes and navigating events of the Twentieth Century. Politicians, writers, publishers, industrialists, developers, church elders, and neighbors: we’ll find some of their challenges […]

The Grand Meadow Chert Quarry: A Significant New Indigenous Site

Our speaker, Tom Trow, is the lead archaeologist for the effort to open to the public a long- hidden archaeological and cultural site in Mower County, MN. For about 400 years, ending in around 1400 CE, the Grand Meadow Chert Quarry was the most important place in southeastern MN and possibly the whole state, at […]

Living New Deal with Aaron Isaacs

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the federal government under President Franklin Roosevelt undertook a major investment in public infrastructure to fight unemployment and keep the economy afloat. Although it has been over 80 years since those projects were completed, many are still in place, functioning for what they were designed to do. Aaron […]